Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cell Phone Providers Tear up Contracts!

It's about time! Their is no longer a need for contract cell phone carriers...
T-Mobile is the first to go. Expect Verizon and Sprint to go next.
AT&T last as they have the largest coverage area in the USA.

Sprint is the same thing as Boost... Like T-Mobile their coverage area in rural areas the worst.
Boost is the best pre-paid service with shrinkage your unlimited phone and data monthly is only $35
and $45 for G4 over time.

The phones are still high dollar but they have dropped in price. For example an HTC EVO Android smartphone is a $400 phone you can buy at Walmart for $249...

Now main stream contact service providers have lost the market share over technology.
The only way they will make it in the new marketplace will be price and coverage.


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