Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cell Phone Providers Tear up Contracts!

It's about time! Their is no longer a need for contract cell phone carriers...
T-Mobile is the first to go. Expect Verizon and Sprint to go next.
AT&T last as they have the largest coverage area in the USA.

Sprint is the same thing as Boost... Like T-Mobile their coverage area in rural areas the worst.
Boost is the best pre-paid service with shrinkage your unlimited phone and data monthly is only $35
and $45 for G4 over time.

The phones are still high dollar but they have dropped in price. For example an HTC EVO Android smartphone is a $400 phone you can buy at Walmart for $249...

Now main stream contact service providers have lost the market share over technology.
The only way they will make it in the new marketplace will be price and coverage.


Anna Maria Island Social Media

Anna Maria Island Social Media is the most powerful advertising source on the Island.

Island Facebook on good Friday 2013 hit 25,000+ user likes. Compared to Anna Maria Island Chamber's Facebook page of 2,000 active users.

Bing Search tied directly into Facebook has added additional exposure.
Google's social media G-Plus is catching up with Facebook.

Traditional advertising and in business credibility has changed.
i.e. You must be a member of Chamber of Commerce and listed with Better Business Bureau!
When all you need to do is post your experience on Facebook to your friends.

Everyone talks on Facebook. You can trust what friends and family says.

No one will take the time to post reviews on Google and Yelp unless it's exceptional or a really bad experience.

Have been in the web business for over 30yrs. and don't have all the answers.
Thanks Dave Billings author...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inbox Dollar Scam

Are you sure you want to cancel your account?
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Sweet! Not only does this company not pay you until you have accumulated earnings of $30 they won't pay you at all is you unsubscribe from e-mails.!/photo.php?fbid=426297464060502&set=a.191220777568173.43686.178503472173237&type=1&theater